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Value-Added Solutions

Aroplax Corporation is a full service injection molder that specializes in performing Value Added secondary operations. This allows us to ship completed parts, sub assemblies or products to avoid costly handling of product by our clients. The use of robots and high speed automation allows us the ability to supply our clients with the most cost effective solutions. We offer the latest in technology and work centers in the following areas:

*Ultrasonic Welding

*Hot Stamp, Heat Transfer, Pad Print

*Drilling and Tapping

*CNC Machining

*Deburring (Hand, Tumble, Cryogenic)


*Assembly (Multiple steps)


*Packaging (Bagging, Shrink Wrap, Blister Pack)

*Labeling (Bar Code, Date Code, etc.)

*Gluing & Adhesive

*Drop Ship Multiple Locations

* Advance Shipping Notices (ASN)