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Aroplax Corporation has established a reputation in the injection molding industry as company that meets or exceeds our customers requirements at all times. Our Quality Policy is more than just a statement; it is a way of life.

Aroplax Corporation strives to provide the customer with injection molded components that meet or exceed customer requirements while promoting continuous improvements in all areas of the company.

Our documented quality systems enable us to attract new clients by providing them with what they initially require and keeping them as long term clients by continually raising the bar on what they should expect from us.

Aroplax Corporation's quality standards are achieved by following these time tested strategies:

*Define Clear Procedures and Plans for Success. The implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Quality Inspection Plans (QIP) are identified by listening, documenting and gathering information on what our customers require for each part. We often observe that our competitors get average or poor results from people who manage broken processes.

*Design and Build High Quality Tools. Our goal is to produce tools that cannot make a bad part. We carefully scrutinize part design and how it relates to tool design and cycle time. We take an active role in helping a client get a part that they require but is designed in a matter that optimizes tooling dollars and press time.

*Invest in the latest Equipment and Automation Techniques. Aroplax's commitment to our clients involves investing in the state-of-the-art equipment and robots that help deliver the best possible part at the lowest possible cost.

*Hire and Retain Employees who have a Vested Interest. With all the technology and automation present in today's world, people still make the difference between most companies. Aroplax Corporation only hires and maintains employees who are on board with our company becoming a world class supplier. We believe that sets us apart from our competition.