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Monticello, MN 55362

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Our goal at Aroplax Corporation is to provide our clients with cost effective solutions to all your molded projects. Whether it is a simple "shoot to ship" part or a more complex project that requires multiple assemblies or tight tolerance molding, we have the systems in place to guarantee success.

Our presses range in size from 55 ton (3.0 oz) up to 720 ton (104 oz.) and everything in between. In addition, we have one clean room workstation. We work with a wide range of thermoplastic resins, including commodity grades to engineering grade materials, including high heat resins.

As a custom molder, we have worked with a wide range of industries. Some of them include; Medical, Agriculture, Consumer Products, OEM's, Automotive, Energy, Recreational, Aerospace, along with many others. We have extensive experience working with clients that involve insert molding or two shot molding.

Thru our extensive use of robotic workstations, we are able to reduce labor costs so that we can compete on a global scale. We practice Lean Manufacturing techniques and regularly hold Kaizen Events to take a critical look at our process. This enables us to eliminate anything that does not bring value to your product.

Our goal is simple; deliver your product at the cheapest cost possible with the highest quality imaginable. It is always our goal to "wow" the customer. We would welcome the opportunity to get involved with your company.