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The Aroplax Advantage

Here at Aroplax we want our clients to expect more and they do. In our 60 plus years in the injection molding industry, we have continually evolved as the molding industry has changed. We believe we offer many advantages over our competition.

We Self Analyze: Where can we improve?
We continually look at areas where we can improve. We try and identify any weaknesses before we learn about them from our clients. We establish department goals which support our ISO company goals. These are closely monitored to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding our client's expectations. No company can be a better supplier unless they identify their weaknesses and turn them into strengths. We do that, does your current supplier?

We Think Bolder: We ask the tough questions.
We combine over 60 years of expertise in the injection molding business with innovative solutions to ensure that your application is cost effective and successful from the beginning. We analyze your part designs for "Moldability". The technical term is Design for Manufacturability (DFM). Whatever you want to call it, we spend time with our clients on the front end of every project asking important questions. We assist our clients in designing a part that will allow optimizing the tooling dollars you spend and sizing the tool to the appropriate size press for cycle time efficiency and press rates. Does your current supplier know the importance of design review?

We Think Beyond the Mold: We offer excellent service and solutions.
We are a customer driven company. We provide services and solutions to our clients that are an extension of their own capabilities. Whether it is front end product development and rapid prototyping or full supply chain management, we have the tools and systems in place to handle diverse requests NOW. Our internal systems allow many of our clients to use us as their product warehouse, thus avoiding costly handling of product. Are you absolutely confident your current supplier can do this?

Give us a call with your next project; we want to show you why we think the Aroplax Advantage is also your advantage.