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About Us

Aroplax Corporation was founded in 1943 by Edward Schoen. After starting out as a production machining company, the business began to focus on thermoset molding in 1954. The manufacturing facility was located in two different locations in North Minneapolis under his guidance.

In 1970 Edward's sons, Jerry and Don Schoen, purchased the company. The primary focus of the business shifted to thermoplastic injection molding and mold building. In 1990 Jerry purchased the entire business and orchestrated the construction of a 25,000 sq. ft. production facility in Monticello, MN in 1993. As the company continued to grow, an additional 15,000 sq, ft. was added onto the facility. Today, Aroplax Corporation houses 40,000 sq. ft. with enough land for a facility three times it current size.

In 2000, Jerry's sons, Paul and Steve Schoen purchased the growing business. The lessons they learned under Jerry's tutelage are the cornerstone of Aroplax Corporation's continued success.

As the injection molding industry has continually evolved, so has Aroplax Corporation. We take pride in the fact that we are a third generation family business that has answered the call to change, yet, has still maintained the basic business principles that are still vital in today's businesses;

Unparalleled Customer Service and Employee Retention

Quality that Meets or Exceeds the Customer's Expectations

Competitive Pricing that allows us to Compete in a Global Market

The Ability to Integrate the latest Technologies into our Business

We welcome your inquiries. We urge you to find out why our customers enjoy the Aroplax Advantage.